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Building Committee Update - Change in Building

22 Apr 2016 2:49 PM | Anonymous member

April 22, 2016

The Board of Directors of PBYC met with Mike Haile, our builder and Lisa Sharp on April 20. At that time we formally transferred operational responsibility for the building project from Lisa to the Board. Most of the documents records etc pertaining to the project were given to Al Greene for safe keeping. Any member of PBYC who desires to see such documents can advise Al by email at 

An important focus of the meeting was to discover what was delaying progress on the building; for example, pilings have not been ordered. It was reported by Mike Haile that certain technical details and approved plans were specific to the pre manufactured building option, which was scrapped on March 1. (See previous blogs below)

As such, those plans are not usable for permitting or ordering pilings, among other things. Regrettably that has resulted in a setback in the building schedule. It is reasonable to make necessary alterations to the piling plan and to project ordering of the pilings by May 10, but there is no reasonable way to alter the architectural plan and all of the sub contractor plans and bids for County permitting until June 1

Experts familiar with construction schedules for simple 1500 square foot buildings like our clubhouse predict a four to five month start to finish after all permits are in hand. We should have our permits shortly after June1. There has been no change in the budget. We continue to calculate that we have sufficient funds to complete the project within budget. The next update with be filed NLT May 9.

April 13, 2016

The Board and Lisa Sharp met with our builder,Mike Haile on April 11 to review current progress and projections on the Club House building project. The plans are being produced by multiple contractors. The architect at Britt Duch's firm have completed the structural plans and elevations and those views are posted on this web site. 

That architect is not creating some of the other craft designs like electrical, H&V, plumbing etc. Those are being completed by licensed sub contractors and they are not complete at this time. But Haile is confident that the progress he sees taking place will allow him to have the whole design approved by the County and SRIA by April 30 or before. He has been told to order the pilings. He looks for a dried in building by July 4th.Without any unusual delay he projects we should get occupancy by the end of August.

Any member who wishes to see documents related to the project which have previously been approved by the board can do so by asking as such of any board member by phone email or in person. If a group viewing makes sense, short of delaying the project we will set one up. It is unlikely that changes will be made after the builders, the board and the building committee approve plan details. Such changes are very expensive and cause serious delays.

The board will post an update on this site at least every two weeks with all news good or not, so every member feels they know what is going on. Specific details like"stainless steel nails or carbon steel on decking?What is the roof made of? How high are the ceilings etc" can be obtained by emailing Next update NLT April 25. 

(BTW the answers are stainless, shingles, 10 feet)

March 17, 2016

As you are all aware, we have been trying to get the finished plans for the new building.  During our planning and approval process, it has become quite a daunting task ito educate the engineers, architects and the county in regards to our new building and how it comes together.  We were recently advised that it take up to six months to get all of the approval for the proposed module building construction. And that is time we don’t have.

With that said, and with the Board’s blessing, we have switched to plan B which is to use traditional construction. We have had this plan in place as a backup so that we could move forward quickly if necessary.  We hope to have the plans by the end of next week for review and permitting so that we can start construction ASAP.  Our contractor feels that he will be able to accomplish the completion of construction within 4 months max and within our budget.

We are moving as quickly as possible to make our dream a reality.  With the work we have done so far, this process will move very quickly and we will be under construction before you know it.

Lisa Sharp
Building Committee Chair

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